Small Space Design Ideas

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Posted on July 19, 2016

Small space design can be tricky, but not impossible. There are ways to make a petite space work well for you and look good at the same time!

Here are five of my favorite ideas for how to maximize your small space:

1. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light brightens up a space and keeps it from looking dark and cramped.

Mirrors are perfect for bouncing the available natural light around a room – it will give the illusion that your space is larger than it really is.

2. Divide your Space into Zones

Defining space by activity will make your space function well. Create a zone for each of the different activities you do in a space, like eating, sleeping and working.

Try using bookcases or folding screens to create specific areas within a room. Bookcases are a great option as they also provide additional storage, which brings me to my next idea…

3. Think Vertical

When floor space is precious, think up.

Tall bookcases, armoires, or floating shelves draw the eye upwards and emphasize the verticality of your space, which helps a small space feel larger.

4. Use Furniture that Does Double Duty

In small rooms, space is at a premium, so it is important it to maximize what space is available.

Ottomans and benches can pull double duty as coffee tables and additional seating.
These pieces often come with a storage option, which is a bonus because you can never have too much storage, especially in a small space.

5. Conceal What You Can

Clutter is the bane of a small space’s existence.

Storage boxes with lids or baskets are perfect for hiding and organizing clutter. Keep what you use often close at hand and tuck the rest away in the back of a closet or under the bed.

Watch this video to learn about some small space lighting essentials

Source : Huffingtonpost