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By October 21, 2017

沙发,绝对是客厅里最显眼的主角! 装潢到最后,到了要进行软件布置阶段时,客厅里,第一个让人开始思考的家具,就是「沙发」!除了款式的选择之外,「颜色」也是挑选沙发的一大重点

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By February 3, 2017


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By February 2, 2017

这间宽敞的顶楼公寓位在伦敦肖迪奇(Shoreditch)的旧大楼内,最近由设计公司 Callender Howorth 全面翻新改造。屋主表示希望这个家可以呈现"纽约阁楼"的感觉

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By July 19, 2016

From classic florals and chinoiserie to modern abstracts and graphic patterns, wallpaper is in the midst of a resurgence. And why shouldn’t it be?

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By November 9, 2015

This is a preview of a designer showroom sample, prepared by our designer .

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